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Aretha Franklin’s (You Make Me Feel Like) song A Natural Woman was criticized by a trans organization who claimed that the song “perpetuates harmful anti-trans stereotypes”.

However, the purported Norway-based organization, Trans-Cultural Mindfulness Alliance (TCMA), is now claiming that it is a parody account and that it “wasn’t really serious”.

On January 20, 2023, TCMA, in a series of tweets, claimed Aretha Franklin’s song was transphobic as it helped “inspire acts of harm against transgender women”.

Problems arose when TCMA’s tweets went viral and the media began reporting that “trans activists” found A Natural Woman “offensive.” This has led to a significant backlash against the trans community.

TCMA explains why Aretha Franklin’s tweet was intended as satire

TCMA, which calls itself a parody account, took to Twitter to call out the Aretha Franklin song and condemn the lyrics. They demanded that the song be removed from Apple Music and Spotify and claimed that there is no such thing as a “natural” woman.

A few days later, on January 23, 2023, the organization stated that his tweets were satirical. They added that they were shocked to find out that multiple media outlets reported on the Aretha Franklin song without even attempting to contact them or verify the story.

The organization criticized journalists for failing to “understand” that their tweets were a “parody” despite the “absolute ridiculousness of the content.”

TCMA reached out to the media via direct message to explain that it was a parody account and that he never thought anyone would take his content seriously. The organization also said it intended to denounce wake-up culture and “media stupidity” through Aretha Franklin’s tweet.

After its reveal as a parody account, TCMA added the words “PARODY/SATIRE” to its profile. The Twitter bio of the Trans-Cultural Mindfulness Alliance states that it was founded in January 2023 and is based in Oslo, Noway. It’s worth noting that the Norwegian spelling was deliberately left wrong, leading several people to speculate whether the account was a parody.

TCMA has previously claimed, on at least two separate occasions, that it was not a troll account. In a now-deleted tweet, they clarified that they are not a parody organization, but a group of trans people who seek to make the culture “more fair to transgender people.” The tweet added:

“We are based in Norway, but we are looking to open a chapter in every European country and also in North America.”

On January 21, a Twitter user named David Strom asked if TCMA was a parody account. To this, TCMA said, “Certainly not,” which only added to the confusion.

Many accounts called out TCMA for its hand in spreading false information and satire and causing “unnecessary drama”.

Before TCMA announced that it was a parody account, many believed the tweet was real and denounced them for their “baseless facts.” People, including Piers Morgan, have targeted “woke” organizations like LGBTQ and trans rights organizations and called them out for spreading “bullshit”.

TCMA has not commented further on the controversial incident.