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In May 2012, the murder of April Kauffman stunned her followers and society at large. She was one of the most beloved TV presenters by individuals, and her fans appreciated her. Kauffman was in his late 40s when the accident struck. Also, the case remained cold for about five years, with no indication of her murder.

April’s murder case came to a head again when the Oxygen returned to the radio personality’s overwhelming passing. Dive deeper into the terrifying episode with an anchor. What’s going on with April Kauffman? April Kauffman, a New Jersey radio personality, died after being given a chance. A motorcycle pack scandalous to the pagans killed her with her significant other’s organization.

April was observed dead in her room when police arrived on the scene. As stated in the Oxygen True Crime, she was shot twice without end. After Kauffman’s death, officials couldn’t find a trace without a trace of restricted passage, stolen items, fingerprints and no casings. It later emerged that the Pagans cycling group was involved in the murder.

After additional investigation, the police discovered the intention of April’s significant other to kill her. As stated in the Oxygen True Crime, they accepted that the radio personality found the reality of her better half of a double life and undermined him.

Is April Kauffman on Wikipedia? – Bio researched April Kauffman was not accessible on the Wikipedia page. Nevertheless, she was a notable media character who was prominent for her work as a radio personality.

April was 47 years old when she died in her room. Aside from radio TV shows, she was a business visionary and entrepreneur par excellence, as well as a functioning employee in veterans’ efforts. Kauffman also had related knowledge at WIBG, JAK Purveyors Catering Co and Artistic Salon.

April Kauffman Murderer Husband Jim Kauffman April Kauffman was linked in 2000 to her other half Jim Kauffman, a specialist. Those two were known locally as a power couple until the host sadly passed away.

By the way, April’s significant other, Jim, a specialist, was arrested for his contribution to her murder. He was also charged with clinical extortion for providing Oxycontin to the drug ring.

Kauffman’s significant other, Jim, died in prison by self-destruct in January 2018.

April Kauffman’s net worth in insurance value given by daughter Kim April Kauffman had a girl named Kimberly Pack. Her other half sold all the possessions without scamming her little girl Kim. Whatever the case, April’s younger Kim hired a legal counsel after finding out Jim was also qualified for her mother’s $600k disaster protection strategy.


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