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Aodhan Gillen | Parents And Siblings

Aodhán, a capable football player, was regarded generally after his end. The Dundela Football Club has made a contacting recognition in recognition of Aodhán Gillen, who tragically died on Thursday. Despite the fact that he had as of late joined the crew in January, the 22-year-old had a big effect on and off the field.

Everybody at the club loved Aodhán in light of his “mindful nature and his accommodating mentality,” as per an assertion on Dundela’s Facebook page. Likewise, they featured Aodhán’s evident football potential, alluding to him as a “return to the greatness long stretches of without a doubt wingers.”

Aodhán additionally played for Newington, Carrick Officers, and Newington; in the Steel and Children Cup last of 2021, he scored the game-dominating objective against Linfield Swifts.

Meet the Guardians and Kin of Aodhan Gillen, Michael, and Margaret: Eoin, Cain, and Corin
Aodhan Gillen, Aodhan Michael, and Margaret Gillen are the guardians. Three kin, Eoin, Cain, and Corin, are likewise his.

As a club, we can’t envision the unspeakable distress that Aodhán’s friends and family are at present encountering. Our most profound feelings are shipped off them at this troublesome time.

Aodhán had many dear companions and was held in a similar high regard as at Dundela FC, subsequently we likewise send our most profound feelings to everybody at Carrick Officers and Newington FC.

The training staff and different players were crushed to find out about this. Having previously encountered the overwhelming loss of a player,

Newington FC communicated similar opinions as a praise to Aodhán in the group’s Twitter channel.

Insight about Aodhan’s passing
Unfortunately, Aodhán Gillen died on Thursday. Everybody at Newington respected Aodhan, who was a marvelous competitor as well as a brilliant person.

Aodhan Gillen assumed a urgent part in our group’s new victories. He won the Chief Middle Association, and he scored the game-dominating objective in the 2021 Steel and Children Cup last.

In the wake of seeing his unlimited potential, it was felt that Prevalence outfit Carrick Officers would enlist him.

Each individual from the Newington Football Club will everlastingly scratch Aodhan’s name into their spirits.

Carrick Officers likewise expressed learning of Aodhán’s end and communicating their shock. Aodhán moved from Newington to the ‘Gers the previous summer.

As indicated by the association, the winger procured his initial beginning against Newry City on the main day of the standard season in view of his “energizing potential and dedicated mentality.”

Dundela gave sympathies to Carrick Officers and Newington FC as well as said thanks to his many dear companions there. In the wake of mourning the departure of a player previously, the club proceeded to say in regards to Michael Goddard’s passing: “Going on, we as a club will offer all essential help frameworks for players and staff.

Michael was playing a game at Stangmore Park in 1995 when a ball struck him unfortunately in the chest during a match against the Dungannon Swifts. Carrick Officers communicated their “profound bitterness” in light of the news.

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