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Chief Executive Officer Kathy Hochul today named Representative Antonio Delgado as Lieutenant Governor of New York. The agent is now targeting the Hudson Valley and Catskills in New York’s 19th Congressional District.

Delgado is Afro-Latino and a person of both the Black and Hispanic Congress Organization. He is the main ethnic minority addressing Upstate New York in Congress.

Antonio Delgado’s Parents – Father Tony Delgado and Mother Thelma P. Slope Antonio Delgado’s parents are very happy with their child’s performance so far. His father Tony Delgado and mother Thelma P. Slope worked in overalls electrically and got their benefits with the help of a prosperous economy.

The two have given everything to make their child who they are today, without thinking twice about their education, well-being, fundamental beliefs and much more. In a video with Antonio, the Delgado couple recorded a special video for his 2019 congressional bid.

The video was more characteristic feeling rather than agreed upon. Very few people have seen it on YouTube posted by Antonio himself, but it’s a perfectly executed piece that really showcases his family foundation.

Tony begins by saying that he raised his child not so much for himself but rather for the world and that this important data was given to him by his mother. His mother Thelma adds that it was called responsibility.

The couple believed that their child should turn into a young guy who could go out and make a positive impact. At this the current lieutenant governor said that his parents gave him the endowment of values; focused on the sense of governance and local environment.

Antonio Delgado Family and Ethnicity Antonio Delgado was born in 1997 into an African American family that later made history with his name. He morphed into chief African American or Hispanic to prove essential to Congress from the Upstate New York area.

Growing up, his seniors made sure that he sincerely tried and went to the chapel to beg. He says the qualities instilled in him by his family are the reason chosen to compete in the Congressional political race in 2019.

He is currently linked to his caring wife Lacey Schwartz, who is a film producer and part of an excellent Jewish family. Currently, he has two children with her and is raising them only with the basic beliefs that his parents raised him a while ago.

Assuming we return to the referenced YouTube video, his mother Hill says she is so happy with her child, personally, as a man, as a husband and finally as a father. he’s basically the way she believed he should be.


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