Who Is Anthony Strangis? Wiki, Biography, Age, Spouse, Net Worth, Fast Facts

Anthony Strangis is a thief, a gambler, and he is also the ex of Sarma Melngailis. Find out more about the criminal in this video. The realities of Anthony’s profession are exceptionally confusing. Be that as it may, he met Sarma Melngailis in 2011, and then he started his big round of seducing people. In 2011, he met Sarma on Twitter, and after convincing her, Anthony began dating her and the two went on dates.

Later down the road, he married Sarma Melngailis. He then began exchanging cash with her partner, assuring her that he would help her grow her business by using this cash to strengthen business ties.

However, Anthony Strangis was a real card shark who started using his better half’s money at a club on the East Coast of the United States. Anthony had recently undermined the personality of his first wife, Stacy, before betraying Sarma. After dating Stacy for a long time, he married her in 2003.

He humiliated Stacy by claiming to be a resigned Navy Seal. He let Stacy know that she was injured at work and that she is currently recovering at home. Stacy Avery married him because she trusted her account. Also, after leaving Stacy, she gave birth to her main child and took advantage of Stacy for money.

Research the Wikipedia biography of Anthony Strangis Anthony Strangis does not have a Wikipedia profile dedicated to himself. He is also known by the stage name of Shane Fox. The full new narrative, Bad Vegan, shows how Anthony actually caught Sarma in love with her, and furthermore, how he ultimately faced charges of mental torture and coercion.

The series has shown that Anthony first traps Sarma for cash, and thus they both escape after taking $2 million from the salaries of financial backers and cafe staff.

Anthony was later found to be at fault on some charges, including a heinous robbery, after being caught with his partner. He was detained for quite some time. Anthony Strangis’ genuine excursion after meeting Sarma in 2011 is chronicled in the four-part Netflix series “Terrible Vegan.”

Find out the father of Anthony Strangis None of the relatives have spoken about Anthony Strangis as of 2017 when he was incarcerated. Sources have discovered that his father served as a police officer for a considerable period of time. After his parents’ detachment, Anthony lived with both of them. His mom, Patricia, needed him to have full guardianship, but she later failed.

At 23, he lived with his father until he met his partner, Stacy.Research Anthony Strangis Net Worth There is a sad total of Anthony Strangis assets to discuss. He has invested a lot of energy in prison. His probation will end in certain months now, and he’s been in jail for 5 years at this point, so there’s not much to find out about the abundance of him. Since he is in prison, there is no income for Anthony Strangis.


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