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Anna Maria Sieklucka Wiki – Biography

Anna Maria Sieklucka is a Polish actress. She is best known for her role as Laura Biel in the film 365 DNI (365 Days). She had minor roles in an episode of the television series Na dobre i na zle (1999) and Kuba Wojewódzki (2006).

Let’s lay it all out. At the end of the film, Laura (who is inexplicably in love with Don at this point) has finally finished purchasing a wedding dress with mate Olga.

The two women then head back to the villa via car when disaster strikes. In another vehicle, one of Don’s assistants (Mario) is alerted several hitmen are after Laura. However, Don is unable to warn Laura after she loses the phone signal when driving into the tunnel.

For Don, this means the worst. He sinks to the floor screaming, while viewers are shown a series of police cars surrounding the tunnel’s entrance.

We’re not going to lie: this doesn’t look good for Laura. But it doesn’t mean that she has been killed, necessarily. It’s possible the character has only been kidnapped by Don’s enemies.

Interestingly, in Ten dzień (This Day in English) – the book that follows the novel 365 Dni is based on – Laura is alive and well. This means if there’s a sequel, she’s almost guaranteed a return.

Anna Maria Sieklucka Age

Anna Maria Sieklucka was born on 31 May 1992, in Lublin, Poland.


It is not clear who Anna Maria Sieklucka’s boyfriend is. However, in April 2020, she posted a photo with on Instagram with a handsome man and captioned the photo: “Jedno. Prywatne. I więcej nie będzie. Peace and love.” The caption roughly translates to, “One. Private. And there will be no more. Peace and love.”



Anna Maria Sieklucka is unmarried.

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Height and Weight

Sieklucka stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m) tall and has a weight of 51 kg (112 lbs).

Net Worth

Anna Maria Sieklucka’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.




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