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Ann Dorn is the widow of a retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, who was fatally shot outside a pawn shop on June 2, 2020, during riots following the death of George Floyd. Ann Dorn said during a press briefing following her husband’s death, “His life was senselessly taken from me, from us, by an opportunist who had no regard for human life or the law. This didn’t have to happen, but it must have been God’s plan for David.”

The late Dorn reportedly encouraged his wife to join the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, where she works as a sergeant and where her husband served as a police captain for 38 years. According to her LinkedIn profile, she specializes in officer wellness.

She attended Western Illinois University and Columbia University. She is involved in charities including the Special Olympics and Butterfly Dreams Inc. and is “an advocate for the homeless and the disadvantaged,” according to her LinkedIn profile.

Ann Dorn Age

Ann Dorn’s age is unclear. Her late husband David Dorn died on June 2, 2020, at age 77.


The late David Dorn was a father of five. Two of his children told local news outlets The St. Louis American that Ann Dorn is a Trump supporter but their father was not. David’s daughter, Debra White, told the American: “We know his wife is a Trump supporter, but he was not. He frequently said they were not able to talk about politics because they were at the opposite ends of the spectrum. I know he would not want his legacy to be for his death to be used to further Trump’s law-and-order agenda.”


Watch the full speech from Ann Dorn, widow of St. Louis Police Capt. David Dorn, at the Republican National Convention.


However, the children of David Dorn have said their father never supported the candidate and criticized Ann Dorn for appearing at the convention.

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In a taped speech in a room with pictures of the officer, Ann Dorn recollected her late husband’s 44 years of service as an officer, and later, his service to the community while retired. On June 2, during the George Floyd protests, David Dorn, 77, went to help a pawnshop owner who was being robbed and was killed during the intervention.




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