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Who was Andrew O’Donnell and Max Wall? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Found Dead, Facts

Andrew O’Donnell and Max Wall Wiki – Andrew O’Donnell and Max Wall Biography

Andrew O’Donnell and Max Wall, both 18, died over the weekend on the island of Ios, the BBC reported on Wednesday. A pair of Irish teenagers described as “shining stars” died within days of each other on a graduation trip to Greece, one of whom collapsed after learning of the shocking death of his friend.

The body of O’Donnell, who went missing on Friday night, was found on Sunday in a rocky area below a cliff, according to The Independent. Meanwhile, Wall spent the last hours of his life printing posters for his missing friend, according to Mail Online.

The teenager spread flyers around town before learning of O’Donnell’s death and then decided to go home to grieve. But Wall suddenly collapsed in the port of Ios as he waited for a ferry to start the first leg of his journey, the BBC reported.

Andrew O’Donnell and Max were found dead

The youngsters were part of a group of around 90 students from St Michael’s College Dublin who traveled to the Greek islands to celebrate the end of their final exams.

Many of the boys’ classmates lined up in an informal honor guard as the bodies of the convicted teens were brought by hearse to the port of Ios, where a ferry took them to Athens for post-mortem examinations, The Independent reported. .

The results will determine the course of investigations by the Greek authorities. O’Donnell’s body showed injuries from a fall, while authorities believe Wall’s death may be related to a pre-existing health condition that required heart surgery years ago.

Two An Garda Sióchána officers from Ireland also traveled to Greece to help with the investigation, the BBC said.

“We are heartbroken. We have a very close community and these are two fantastic young people with their lives ahead of them,” St. Michael’s director Tim Kelleher told RTÉ.

A memorial is being organized at the school, he added.

“These two guys were shining stars: academically, in sports, with lots of friends. Andrew was a very good soccer player and Max was a great rugby player. They were disciplined with their sport and with themselves. It’s so tragic,” Kelleher told the Independent.

The Ireland team wore black armbands in honor of the children in their match against Fiji at the Rugby Under-20 World Championship earlier this week, the BBC reported.

Six of the players on the team were St. Michael graduates and knew the two boys. The team is also mourning the death of a player’s father. All three losses were marked with a moment of silence before the game.

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