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Andre Hernandez Jr Wiki, Biography

On June 3, 2022, 13-year-old Andre Hernandez was lethally shot by San Antonio cop Stephen Ramos. An authority proclamation after the shooting claimed that the official shot Hernandez after the youngster “smashed” a taken red Toyota Corolla into the police cruiser, persuading the official to think that the suspect represented a danger.

A recently delivered video got by the San Antonio Express-News showed the second Andre Hernandez was shot dead by a cop after the youngster was quit driving the taken vehicle close by two teens who were not harmed during the occurrence.


Specialists expressed that on June 3, 2022, two Texas officials – Stephen Ramos and Official Espinoza – were answering reports of gunfire in Southeast San Antonio, where they started pursuing a red Toyota Corolla caught in the recording.

The video showed the vehicle moving in an opposite direction from the police vehicle, hindering its entry in practically no time before official Ramos was heard hollering at the other official to not allow the vehicle to smash into the police cruiser.

The official is then heard ordering the suspects in the vehicle to give up before the red Corolla gradually finds the police vehicle. Ramos then vaults out of the watch vehicle and flames at Hernandez steering the ship. The clasp caught the harmed youngster escaping the vehicle while telling the official he was injured and gradually tumbling to the ground.

The recently delivered video showed official Stephen Ramos delivering emergency treatment to Andre Hernandez when he was shot by a cop. In any case, Hernandez, who was raced to an area clinic, surrendered to his wounds, provoking a months-in length examination concerning the official included shooting that prompted the passing of a youngster.

On Thursday, February 16, 2023, Bexar Region Head prosecutor Joe Gonzales declared that Official Ramos won’t have to deal with any penalties in the lethal shooting of Andre Hernandez after a jury settled on a similar in light of an examination drove by the Social liberties Division.

While the lead prosecutor considered the passing of the high schooler a misfortune, he battled that the shooting was legitimate as the official dreaded for his life at that point, adding that he was likewise ignorant that Hernandez was an adolescent. According to the San Antonio Express-News, in an explanation, the DA’s office said:

“It was sensible for Official Ramos to accept that Official Espinoza was remaining beyond his vehicle and was thusly being compromised with deadly power by the red Toyota as it advanced quickly towards him.”
They added:

“These realities persuaded Official Ramos to think that Official Espinoza was being undermined with deadly power.”
Nonetheless, Andre Hernandez’s family said that the shooting was outlandish as the high schooler – who was gotten on video simply finding the police vehicle – didn’t represent a sufficient danger to the official to start shooting at the scene.

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