Who is Amy Tarkanian? Wiki, Biography, Age, Republican strategist leaked info on Biden

Amy Tarkanian Wiki – Amy Tarkanian Biography

Amy Tarkanian is an American Republican strategist. She has also served as the chair of the Nevada Republican Party and is married to Republican Congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian. She was born in Fresno, California to Gary and Anita Hanson in 1977. After spending time working as an actress in Los Angeles, Tarkanian went on to become a political commentator.

She married Danny in 2001 and the duo are parents to 18-year-old Lois, 16-year-old twins Ashley and Ava, and 11-year-old Jerry Jr. In 2015, the latter suffered a stroke despite his previous health. . condition. This experience inspired Tarkania to found Tark Toy Drive, a non-profit organization that delivers donated toys to children in hospitals. She currently resides in Las Vegas with her family.

Republican strategist leaked info on Biden’s “bathroom accident”

Joe Biden has been massively monitored on numerous accounts since taking office. However, things escalated when the internet started talking about Biden’s depositions after Amy Tarkanian tweeted that the president had a “bathroom accident” at the Vatican. #PoopyPantsBiden quickly became the number one trend on Twitter and the hashtag was full of jokes about the president, including a tweet that read, “We know our taxes paid $ 460,000 for Biden’s wall at his beach house. No We know if our taxes buy Biden’s diapers. We want to know! ”

Biden is no stranger to being mocked by Americans online. From allegedly being caught sleeping on video during a meeting with Israel’s prime minister, to being accused of being “sleepy and confused” while talking about gun violence, Biden has seen it all. Not forgetting the time he fell several times on the stairs of Air Force One for which Trump made fun of him while Jen Psaki tried to blame the stairs.

Tarkanian’s tweet that led to the jokes read: “The word in Rome is that Biden’s meeting with the Pope was unusually long because Biden had a small ‘bathroom accident’ at the Vatican and had to be addressed before let him go. I know we often joke about this, but this is the real rumor circulating in Rome now. ”

Tarkanian has also been on the fundraising committee for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She has been involved with the Las Vegas American Heart / Stroke Association in various capacities. She has appeared on various television and radio stations as a political commentator, including Fox News and RT TV. She is also on the Hope for Prisoners advisory council.

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