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Amy Springer, 20, was discovered near a cricket club in Benfield Valley, Portslade, East Sussex, on March 21. According to an investigation, Amy had been in contact with people who had discussed self-harm on WhatsApp. Tragically, three of them had taken their own lives. Amy had been reported missing 15 times in 2020 and three times in 2021 and had self-injured on several of these occasions.

In the investigation, it was reported that she had been diagnosed with autism, emotionally unstable personality disorder, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder. She had been suffering “severe and life-limiting” trauma as a result of the death of her older brother David hers at the age of six. But it was said at the hearing that Amy was doing better in the weeks leading up to her death and that she had stayed in supported accommodation.

Amy Springer Age

Amy Springer was 20 years old.

Amy Springer Cause of Death

A 20-year-old woman from the UK, who reportedly died by suicide in March 2021, was apparently a member of a strange WhatsApp group discussing suicide and self-harm. Amy Springer’s body was discovered in a forest near Benfield Valley in East Sussex, UK. Now, the investigation has revealed that three other members of the same WhatsApp chat room had also previously committed suicide. Additionally, research has revealed that Springer suffered from autism, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, and emotionally unstable personality disorder.

Her trauma and her mental health issues largely developed after the tragic death of her older brother at the age of six. The incident left Springer with “severe and life-limiting trauma.” In 2020, Amy Springer was reported missing up to 15 times, followed by three times in 2021. During her frequent disappearances, she was found to be engaging in self-harm practices.

Before her suicide, Springer was reportedly better off and recovering in a supported living facility. However, a psychiatric report designated her as “at risk.” Shortly after, on March 19, 2021, she was reported missing and her lifeless body was discovered two days later. Springer’s cause of death was ruled suicide by suffocation.

According to the latest report, Springer was part of an online chat group on WhatsApp made up of people struggling with mental health issues. Although the exact number of members of the ‘WhatsApp Suicide Group’ was not revealed, it was revealed that the group used to discuss self-harm. The identity details of the three suicide victims before Springer were also kept secret.

“She was certainly deeply loved. But throughout her life, she suffered many difficulties and challenges that had a considerable impact on her ability to cope with her adolescence and early adulthood. In the background there was a very severe trauma that limited her life. “. her from her childhood. She certainly caused him considerable pain that she couldn’t get over, “Coroner Dr. Karen Henderson said of Amy Springer.

According to statistics released by Samaritans, in 2020, more than 4,912 people died by suicide in England alone. The male suicide rate had peaked in two decades last year and was more than double the female suicide rate.

Suicidal behavior presents a major public health challenge in the US and around the world. About one in five youth (18.8%) in the US has seriously considered attempting suicide, one in six (15.7%) made a suicide plan, one in 11 (8.9%) tried and one in 40 (2.5%) made a suicide attempt that required medical treatment in 2019, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you or someone you know is in crisis, you can call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1 (800) 273-8255 – anonymously to talk to someone about what is happening.

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