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Amy Mihaljevic Wiki – Amy Mihaljevic Biography

Amy Mihaljevic was 10 years old when missing from Bay Village, Ohio, on October 27, 1989, initiating a massive, high-profile investigation. Several months after her disappearance, her body was found in Ashland County in Northeast Ohio in a rural farm field. Authorities determined that the young woman had been stabbed to death, News 5 Cleveland reported.

For more than three decades, authorities have continued to investigate the case, reviewing physical evidence, witness statements and more in an attempt to find Mihaljevic’s killer, according to the outlet. NBC’s Dateline sheds light on the latest in the investigation in a one-hour special that will air on Friday, September 17.

What are the latest developments in Mihaljevic’s case today? Has your killer been captured?

The case is still unsolved, but authorities indicated they had leads as recently as 2021.

Mihaljevic’s murder remains unsolved to this day, although the case has remained open as investigators continue to explore avenues of investigation.

Some of the latest public developments in the case came in January 2019 when a woman told investigators that her ex-boyfriend could be a suspect in the kidnapping and murder, according to court documents she had access to. News 5 Cleveland. However, the man’s identity was not shared with the public and no charges have been filed at this time.

According to News 5 Cleveland, an affidavit stated that the woman told investigators that the man, her boyfriend at the time, lived with her less than a mile and a half from the mall where Mihaljevic was last seen and that he had a niece in it. grade like girl. She told authorities that her ex-boyfriend, who is now 60, did not return home the night of the abduction, which was “different” from him. He also said that he called her the night of the disappearance and asked if she had seen the news about the missing girl.

Investigators also stated that in 1989, the man’s appearance was “consistent with one of the two main suspect compounds obtained through witness interviews,” the outlet reported. In addition, a vehicle registered in his name approached the place where Mihaljevic’s body was found the same day despite the fact that “the investigation has not been able to show any reason (s) why [the man] should have been near Amy Mihaljevic’s body recovery site on 2/8/1990 “.

In addition to the latest development, a statement The Bay Village Police Department from June 2016 indicated that a review of the case and a new forensic analysis found that Mihaljevic’s killer may have used a blanket and curtain found at the scene to wrap or transport his body. The curtain appeared to be handmade and the details and photographs were shared with the public in the hopes of gaining more information.

Law enforcement said Fox8 in May 2021 they have been taking and testing DNA samples from individuals in recent months to help weed out potential suspects and advances in DNA could allow some of their untested DNA to be analyzed.

Anyone with information about Mihaljevic’s death should contact investigators at 1-877-FBI-OHIO or the Bay Village Police Department at 440-871-1234.

Mihaljevic was last seen by witnesses speaking to a man at a shopping mall in Bay Village

Mihaljevic was home alone when she received a phone call in which she was convinced to meet someone at a nearby shopping center to buy a gift for her mother, a woman. statement from the Bay Village Police Department indicated. Authorities still don’t know exactly what was said and who made the call, but they said the young woman was seen by witnesses speaking to a man in Bay Village Square the afternoon she disappeared.

She was then seen walking through the parking lot with him, but witnesses did not see any vehicles, the police said. The suspect was described in the police statement as “a white male, 30 to 40 years old, 5’7” to 5’10 “in height, of medium build, dark hair and possibly wearing glasses.”

Mihaljevic’s body was found months later, on February 8, 1990, in a farm field about 50 miles southwest of Bay Village, where she was abducted. According to the police statement of the events, “Amy’s body was re-dressed in the same clothing that she was known to wear, except for her missing shoes and earrings. The partially skeletonized body had puncture wounds to the throat and blunt trauma to the back of the head. ”

Authorities believe that Mihaljevic’s body was likely dumped at the scene shortly after she was abducted and the place where she was killed is unknown. “The boots Amy was wearing, a denim backpack she was carrying, a folder with ‘Buick, best in class’ written on it on her backpack, and turquoise horse head earrings were missing and have never been located “. policeman revealed.

Mihaljevic’s father, Mark Mihaljevic, said Fox8 he still hopes that the police will solve the case: “I have always had that in my heart, that it will be solved,” he said. “I think with this modern technology that we have now, things are going to happen.”

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