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Amii Lowndes, who appeared in Doctor Who and Skins, died from an undiagnosed epilepsy condition. Although Ms Lowndes had two seizures, one in 2018 and one in May 2020 – just weeks before her death – doctors didn’t diagnose her with epilepsy.

Amii appeared in Doctor Who in 2014 with Peter Capaldi, as well as episodes of Casualty and Skins, but she moved back from London to her parents’ home in Bristol during the first coronavirus lockdown. During a phone consultation, a neurologist told her the seizures could be linked with a heart issue, meaning she wasn’t given any treatment for epilepsy.

Amii Lowndes Age

Amii Lowndes was 29 years old.

Amii Lowndes Tragedy

Amii, who also had roles in Skins and Casualty, collapsed in Bristol in May 2020, after returning from her home in London during the first Covid lockdown. A consultant neurologist failed to diagnose epilepsy, despite the actress showing typical symptoms, the coroner heard.

She was not started on medication to prevent epilepsy, as is usually recommended, following a second episode. However, the inquest was told it was “unlikely” the lack of treatment led directly to Amii’s death just weeks later, on June 15.

Giving evidence, Prof David Chad­wick said the “tragic outcome” could not have been anticipated.

“Even with a diagnosis of epilepsy and proper medication, there is still a risk of death from SUDEP.”

And senior coroner Maria Voisin said she did not believe the failure to diagnose and treat Amii’s epilepsy reached the threshold to conclude her death was contributed to by neglect.

Cause of Death

Actor Amii Lowndes, died at the age of 29 on June 15, 2020, after collapsing in her parents’ garden in Bristol, UK. Lowndes appeared in ‘Doctor Who’ in 2014 with Peter Capaldi, as well as episodes of ‘Casualty’ and ‘Skins’. As per reports, she moved back from London to her parents’ home in Bristol during the first coronavirus lockdown.

In an obituary published last year on Medium, her brother Ashley wrote, “She was on her own when she died unexpectedly. We don’t know why,” adding, “She didn’t want to die. She was starting to blossom and find herself. She was thinking ahead and enjoying the moment. She had a reason to get up each day. Her last thought must have been torturous and terrifying.”

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As per new reports, the 29-year-old actor collapsed from SUDEP — sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. The Mirror reported that despite having had two seizures — one just a couple of weeks before her death — doctors had not diagnosed epilepsy. Amii’s family said she had no idea the attacks could kill her. They are now pushing for greater awareness of SUDEP.

Her mother Bea told the tabloid, “Amii first had a seizure in 2018 but we only learned about SUDEP upon her death. Both she and we would have wanted the opportunity to know that seizures, just like heart attacks, can be fatal. Nothing will bring Amii back but if we can save one other family going through our pain, it will be worth it.”

As per the report, after her second seizure in May 2020, a consultant neurologist failed to diagnose epilepsy despite her symptoms. She was also not reportedly started on vital anti-epileptic medication as recommended following a second episode. As per Bea, her death had devastated the family, including her father John and her brother Ashley: “Losing her was never on the cards. She was fun-loving, full of life, and had so many ideas. We feel her loss at every moment.”


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