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Aman Khalili and his family flew a US government plane to Doha, Qatar, where thousands of refugees from Afghanistan are being processed by US immigration officials, a State Department spokesman told AFP. The Wall Street Journal previously reported that Khalili, his wife and his five children, who were unable to flee on the emergency airlift in August following the Taliban takeover, fled the country with the help of Afghan groups. -Americans and Veterans.

In 2008, Khalili was working as an interpreter for US forces when then-Senator Biden and two other lawmakers, Chuck Hagel and John Kerry, visited Afghanistan. The Afghan interpreter who helped rescue Joe Biden from a remote valley in 2008 was finally able to leave the country following the withdrawal of US troops after being assisted by US military veterans from Arizona.

After high-profile pleas for help and a promise from the White House to get him out of the country, the interpreter, now identified as Aman Khalili, was able to escape the country by the overland route to Pakistan. After unsuccessful attempts to leave the country by air from Mazar-i-Sharif, Khalili and members of his family managed to get out with the help of a former Afghan interpreter to US troops, with the help of US military veterans. from Arizona. Veterinarians were the “prime movers” of the group that pulled him out, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Interpreter who helped rescue Biden in 2008 escapes Afghanistan

Staff working for conservative commentator Glenn Beck also sought to help in what turned out to be a failed endeavor. That channel was inconvenienced in part because members of Khalili’s family, his wife and four of his five children, lacked passports. “Aman helped keep me and other Americans safe as we fought in Afghanistan, and we wanted to return the favor,” said Brian Genthe, an Afghan war veteran with the Arizona National Guard who assisted in the effort. “It is a blessing.”

“After 144 hours of driving day and night and going through so many checkpoints, my family was so scared, but right now this is a kind of paradise. Hell was in Afghanistan, ”he told the newspaper. “We will bring him out, we will honor his service and we are committed to doing exactly that,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said last month after reports that she was unable to leave the country. But the mission that finally succeeded after the setbacks was spearheaded by an Afghan-American who had served as a linguist for “America’s elite forces,” according to the Journal.

Kidnapped from a safe house amid dashed hopes, Khalili was sometimes discouraged. “I’m crying,” he wrote Genthe in newspaper-reviewed emails. “I don’t know how to get home, it is very dangerous for me and [my] family.” The unconventional bailout came when administration officials said the Taliban were limiting the government’s ability to help. There are actually limitations on what we can do, especially as a government, compared to some private players,” a senior official in the Biden administration told the newspaper. Amid desperate please for help from him, Khalili said he feared retaliation from the Taliban and told Fox & Friends that he felt betrayed by the United States.

Do you feel betrayed? Fox & Friend First co-host Jillian Mele asked Khalili that at the time his name was Mohammed, which the Journal says is his official name, for security reasons. “Yes, yes, they are pulling their forces out of Afghanistan,” she said in a telephone interview. “They left me and my family and, like me, the rest of the people were left behind. But it’s very scary, man, since we take a great risk. ” Before rescuing him, Khalili said that if the Taliban found him, they would kill him. According to a Wall Street Journal report on his situation, he had been trying to get out of Afghanistan for years.

When asked what message he had for Biden, Khalili said, “Hello, President, don’t go, don’t forget about me and my family. Right now in Afghanistan, it is a very difficult and terrible situation,” he added. There is no escape from here to another area. But I also wonder how I am going to get out of my house to another place. Just give him my regards and tell him, if possible, tell him or send him the message, not to let my family and I get left behind,” he asked the Fox News host to convey to President Biden.

The last American military aircraft and service members left Afghanistan on August 31, leaving behind at least 100 Americans and dozens of Afghan allies and interpreters. Biden praised the end of the two-decade war in remarks Tuesday in which he called the withdrawal and evacuation efforts an “extraordinary success.”

Is your life in danger right now? What would happen to you and your family if the Taliban found you? I asked Khalili. If they find me, they will kill me. It’s too easy, “he replied. “I am hiding in my house,” he continued. “I have not seen outside, what is happening outside.” “How long can you live in hiding?” The host asked, mentioning that his face is in a photo with Biden. “No way.” It depends, maybe I’ll die at home, there’s no way, ‘he said.

He is just one of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of American allies and interpreters who assisted American forces and efforts in Afghanistan during the 20-year war, which Biden declared ended Tuesday. White House press secretary Jen Psaki has promised that the United States will evacuate him from Afghanistan. Psaki, when asked during her press conference on Tuesday, thanked Mohammed widely for his service, but she did not detail exactly how he would be paid for that service. Our message to him is: thank you for fighting alongside us for the past 20 years. Thank you for the role he played and for helping several of my favorite people out of the snow storm, and for all the work he did.

“And our commitment is enduring, not just to American citizens, but to our partners who have fought alongside us.” Psaki echoed statements by other Biden officials that the evacuation of US citizens and allies from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan is not ending, but is entering a “diplomatic phase.” “We will bring him out, we will honor his service and we are committed to doing exactly that,” she said. The press secretary did not elaborate on how the Biden administration intends to carry it out. White House press secretary Jen Psaki promised that the United States would search for the Afghan interpreter who saved Joe Biden, but she did not indicate a plan to do so.

Khalili, while working for the United States Army, played a key role in a story that Biden repeated and embellished often during his 2008 bid for vice president. As a United States Senator, Biden was aboard one of two Blackhawk helicopters that made an emergency landing in a blinding snowstorm, alongside then-Senators John Kerry and Chuck Hagel.

A private security team with the former Blackwater company and US Army soldiers watched the Taliban fighters as the crew called Bagram Air Base for help, where Khalili jumped in a Humvee along with a force. of the 82nd Airborne Division and drove hours into the mountains to rescue them. The three senators were brought back to base with the convoy.

His visa application was reportedly stalled when the defense contractor he was working with lost records necessary for his visa application. When the Taliban took control on August 15, Khalili tried his luck at the gates of Kabul airport but was turned away by US forces. They told him that he could leave but that he would have to leave his wife and children behind.

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