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A suspect is under surveillance at this time, another shooting has happened in Brunswick, Ohio. An 18-year-old young lady, Alyssa Pinardo, is the victim of the shooting and allegedly murdered by her beauty.

Logan Robertson, who is also 18, has been arrested by police and is currently under custody. The Medina County Sheriff’s Office has so far found no further insights into the episode.

Who was Alyssa Pinardo? An 18-year-old shot in Brunswick Alyssa Pinardo is a victim of a shooting that took place in Brunswick, Ohio.

On Tuesday night, her beauty, Logan Robertson, is said to have shot her in her downfall afterward. Brunswick Police have at this time declined to share details about the suspect or the investigation.

According to reports, the 18-year-old argued with her beauty until he allegedly fired a gun and tried to force her. May her left soul rest in heaven. Murder of Alyssa Pinardo: Has Her Boyfriend Arrested? Charges and Trial Alyssa’s beau Logan is arrested for her murder.

He has been placed under guardianship by the Brunswick Police Department and transferred to the Medina County Jail. That he is the perpetrator makes the 18-year-old prime suspect for the situation and specialists very certain.

In addition, Robertson is currently charged with murder. His tentative date has not yet been set. We’ll refresh you, assuming something arises. Alyssa Pinardo Family: Tribute on Facebook and Twitter We extend our sincere condolences to the family and relatives of Alyssa Pinardo.

There are a ton of accolades for her on Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, her online entertainment accounts are on their way to the light. May she discover a genuine sense of reconciliation wherever she is.


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