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Ally Rednour, a first-grader at Wilkerson Elementary School at the time, was getting off the Jefferson County Public Schools bus on May 15, 2015, when the doors to her backpack were closed, trapping her. The driver, Melinda Sanders, did not notice and left, with the surveillance camera inside the bus and captured the six-year-old boy who was being dragged for several blocks.

Ally was taken to the hospital where doctors said she suffered severe abrasions on 12 percent of her body and she was forced to undergo various surgeries. Sanders is in a civil lawsuit this week after the girl’s mother filed a lawsuit against the driver in 2018 seeking unspecified damages.

Ally Rednour Age

Ally Rednour is 6 years old.

Ally Rednour dragged by a school bus as civil trial begins

Surveillance footage has surfaced showing a 2015 incident on a Kentucky school bus that left a 6-year-old girl seriously injured.

WAVE, who obtained the video, reported that the civil lawsuit regarding a lawsuit filed against Jefferson County Public Schools began Tuesday. The school district is being sued for serious injuries that Ally Rednour reportedly sustained when she was dragged by a school bus for several blocks.

Surveillance footage from inside the bus shows Rednour, who attended Wilkerson Traditional Elementary School, exiting the bus when driver Melinda Sanders closes the door. Sanders seems unaware that Rednour’s backpack was trapped in the double doors before she took off, causing the student to be dragged 1,147 feet.

The bus driver did not realize that Rednour was being dragged until a car honked at him for her to stop. The 6-year-old girl reportedly underwent multiple surgeries for her injuries, including nerve damage and abrasions all over her body. WAVE reported that she also has PTSD due to the 2015 incident.

The images, which were obtained by WAVE3 and expected to be reproduced at trial, show the six-year-old boy walking down the steps of the bus to get out of the vehicle. When she reaches the last step, the doors are slammed shut on her arm before catching her bright pink backpack.

The girl turns to face the stairs, while Sanders is seen staring straight ahead through the front windshield. The doors then close completely trapping the body of the backpack inside the vehicle while Ally’s arms are still through the handles.

Sanders begins to walk away from her and Ally is seen running desperately in an effort to keep up with the bus as she drags her away. After a few seconds she can’t keep up, she falls down and is swept away by the bus. During the incident, another student is seen standing next to Sanders as she drives the vehicle and the driver is heard chatting and yelling at some of the students.

Sanders is unaware of what is happening until she is heard from another vehicle honking its horn, in an apparent effort to get her to stop. At that moment, Sanders looks towards the doors and realizes that Ally is trapped. She stops the bus and he hears her exclaim, ‘My God, my God. The doors open and Sanders runs downstairs to see the six-year-old.

The incident took place in 2015, but the video came to light this week as the civil lawsuit against Sanders and the school district began Tuesday. Attorneys for the girl’s family said she was dragged 1,147 feet in the incident. They said Sanders violated 16 rules of her employment as a bus driver, including ensuring that children get on and off the bus safely.

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In addition to not seeing Ally get off the bus, he allegedly passed a stop sign as well and allowed another student to stop while she was driving. Sanders took the stand to testify as a witness where he expressed her regret for what happened, reported WPSD Local.

When asked what the ‘moment of truth’ of ‘getting on and off the children on the bus meant to her, she replied: “It means a lot to me, and I wish, Mr. Paulus, I had followed you that day. She added: “I can’t get that day back.” Several other currents and former employees of the district’s Transportation Department also took the stand to testify that Sanders had broken protocol that day.

JCPS school bus driver and coach Katrina Feral described the incident as “horrible” and said drivers should make sure children are within 10 feet of the bus before pulling away.

“I think it’s horrible,” he said. You see them get off the bus, you close the door. When they are away from the bus, you close the door, you look in that mirror and you look at them. They have to be 10 feet apart before starting. ‘

Ally’s pediatric surgeon also told the court that the six-year-old suffered skin loss on both legs. Dr. Sheldon Bond said: “We had some skin loss here and some skin loss there [points to each leg]. This was a very large abrasion that was scrubbed away. ‘

Ally, who was identified as an RA in the lawsuit but was named in media reports in 2015, was taken to hospital with minor injuries and was released two days later. His family said in the lawsuit that he suffered severe nerve damage and post-traumatic stress disorder and that he had to undergo multiple surgeries. Sanders was fired by the district a month after the incident, in which they said she ignored the training and did not follow procedure by not seeing the boy get off the bus.


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