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Allison Murphy was charged with animal cruelty and resisting an officer with violence after she was detained at a Motel 6 in Daytona Beach on Monday. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Department shared bodycam footage of Murphy’s arrest – and the moment she tossed the German Shepherd – on Tuesday.

Deputies and Daytona Beach police arrived at the motel at 2992 West International Speedway Boulevard at around noon after staff called and said that the woman was standing over the railing. They said she was threatening to jump off and had also attacked one of the motel maids.

Allison Murphy Age

Allison Murphy is 35 years old.

Charge and Arrested

The video shows the moment when officers knocked on Murphy’s motel room door repeatedly before the woman opened the door.

Murphy and the leashed German Shepherd quickly come out of the room before the woman picks up the dog and quickly tosses it over the railing. Officers quickly tackle the woman to the ground and threaten to Tase her if she does not stop resisting arrest.

Murphy can be heard telling the officers that she is not scared, showing no concern about the wellbeing of the dog she just tossed.

‘Is that dog ok,’ an officer can be heard asking. Yeah. It took off running and I tried to grab it,’ another officer quickly responds to the arresting officers.

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Officers eventually get Murphy into a squad car before convening with the two departments to discuss the wild scene. The dog was loose and she grabbed a hold of it and we all thought that she was going to probably bring him back inside but she just flung him right over the rail,’ an officer explained to the group.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office shared in their release that the dog had landed on its feet and taken off, getting corralled by bystanders.

Murphy’s dog – nicknamed Miracle – was taken into custody by Volusia County Animal Services. Miracle was taken to the Atlantic Animal Hospital in Port Orange for emergency evaluation.

While Miracle escaped injury from the toss, an X-ray did reveal that she had a sewing needle lodged in her right thigh. After a successful surgery to remove the needle, Miracle is recovering with Animal Services.

In the following weeks, a petition for custody over Miracle will be scheduled in the courts.


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