Alix Earle Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth, Fast Facts

Alix Earle Wiki, Biography

Lifestyle influencer Alix Earle is being dubbed the internet’s newest ‘it’ girl, with her meteoric rise to fame. She has amassed more than 3.4 million followers on TikTok and 1.4 million on Instagram. The accumulated following of her on her social media platforms has made her very popular and moreover, she has become an important marketing tool for brands.

She recently made headlines after splitting with her boyfriend, Oakland A’s baseball player Tyler Wade, and became a topic of discussion online.

Earle, who is still a college student at the University of Miami, is 22 years old and makes a living from social media. Now there is new information about her financial gain using social media marketing.

Alix Earle earns more per video than most people per year.

Influencer Marketing Manager Jessica Liliann shared details about how much Alix Earle charges for a collaboration. The video about it has garnered more than 160 thousand views and has also sparked a debate online.

Earle is said to charge between $40,000 and $70,000 for a brand partnership, depending on the scope of the campaign in question. Sometimes the amount can go as high as $100,000 for one post. This means that if Alix posted just one video each month, she could earn around half a million dollars a year.

Alix Earle is best known for her videos which include clips from ‘Get Ready With Me’ (GRWM) in which she shows people how she puts on makeup and dresses for various occasions. Liliann asked her followers if the money a content creator earns reaches such high levels, will fans develop resentment towards them?

This question stems from the fact that Earle makes as much per video, if not more, than most people make in a year. Some people agree that she gets paid for what she’s worth, as she provides a good return on investment (ROI) for most brands.

However, the salaries of content creators have sparked debates about why they are paid so much while people in other industries are not paid fairly. A netizen shared an example of how teachers are not paid as well as they should, despite being educated on how to teach young minds.

Discussing Alix Earle’s growth on social media has become a popular topic of conversation with other influencers discussing how and why she became so famous so quickly. There are several theories, including one about dating famous people, but the common consensus is that she is universally appreciated. People believe that the ‘it girl’ quality of hers has made her relatable and she is seen as everyone’s ‘best friend’.