Who is Alisha Williams? Wiki, Biography, Age, Kills Husband, Family, Charges and Arrested, Investigation Report

Alisha Williams Wiki – Biography

Alisha Williams is a North Carolina woman who is accused of killing her husband, Tyler Williams, at her home in Hamlet and of posting a gory photo of his body on Facebook. Alisha Williams was arrested March 1 on a murder charge, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office says.

After the murder, Alisha Williams invited a friend over for coffee and told the guest, “not to mind the body,” and said she had, ” just shot him this morning,” according to a Facebook post about the killing. Police have not confirmed that detail and have also not verified that the photo is real, but friends who saw the Facebook post before it was taken down have confirmed its authenticity.

Williams is facing charges of murder and possession of a firearm by a felon, according to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. She was also charged with failure to appear in court in an unrelated misdemeanor case. The sheriff’s office said Tyler Williams, 25, and Alisha Williams were married, but their Facebook profiles indicate they had possibly separated before his death.


Tyler Williams and Alisha Williams, whose maiden name is Alisha Sweet, have been married for several years and have a young son together, according to their Facebook pages. They are both North Carolina natives.

According to his Facebook page, Williams graduated from Richmond Community College in 2019. He studied applied science, with a focus in electric utility substation and relay technology, he wrote on Facebook.

Kills Husband

After the shooting, Alisha Williams posted a photo of her dead husband, Tyler Williams, with two gunshot wounds to his eyes. Heavy viewed the photo, which is not in this post or linked to, and it shows a man’s body with black holes that appear to show he was shot in his eyes. Blood covers his forehead and his white T-shirt.

Williams appears to have posted the photo on her Facebook story or on Facebook Live, based on the screenshot of the image being shared online. It was posted about 12:59. According to friends of the victim, Alisha Williams said she believed Tyler Williams was a demon. She was high on meth when she killed him, according to the Facebook post.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office told the Richmond County Daily Journal deputies were called to a home on Lumbee Lane on Sunday, March 1, about 8:45 a.m. The deputies found Tyler Williams dead inside the home. In an incident report obtained by the newspaper, investigators said Alisha Williams, “shot the victim about the neck and head.”

Tyler Williams’ body was taken to the local chief medical examiner’s office for an autopsy.

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Alisha Sweet Williams’ sister wrote a Facebook post after Tyler Williams’ death reacting to the brutal killing and her sister’s alleged involvement in the crime. She also wrote about her sister’s battle with addiction and mental health issues.

Her sister wrote, “Today has been very hard, tragic and unreal, yes what all are seeing is true. I woke up to something horribly heartbreaking I can’t even put it into words! My sister has not been right for a long time and now I’ve fought since April trying to get her into some place where she could get the care she needs and every single time she was released!? I begged every doctor to put her in a long term place and they wouldn’t or they didn’t care.”

She added, “This is the reason I had to call the sheriff’s department every other week or do (involuntary commitments)…I failed somewhere after the state failed us! Time and time again turning us away. My yard is now a crime scene and I have never felt more weakened. Please, please I am begging y’all to have a little ounce of respect and refrain from questioning me or worse re-sending an image that’s (embedded) in my head. This day is tragic for so many, Tyler is and forever will be someone very close to my heart, he is the father of my nephew and so much more.”

Criminal Record and Charges

Alisha Williams has a history of drug-related arrests in Richmond County, according to online records. She was arrested in January 2014 and convicted in February 2015 of maintaining a dwelling for unlawful drugs, North Carolina Department of Public Safety records show. The charge was a felony and she was sentenced to probation and a suspended jail sentence.

In January 2015, Williams was charged with larceny and accessory after the fact of a felony, both misdemeanors, and was sentenced again to probation and a suspended jail sentence.

Alisha Williams also had several pending charges, including two counts of felony breaking and entering, possession of cocaine, possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver a Schedule II controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance on jail premises, maintaining a vehicle, dwelling or place for a controlled substance, larceny after breaking and entering, first-degree trespassing and driving while impaired, online court records show.

Arrested and Investigation Report

Alisha Williams is being held at the Richmond County Jail without bail on the murder charge. She has $25,000 bail on the charge accusing her of being a felon in possession of a firearm and $10,000 bail for failing to appear in court, according to online records. She is scheduled to appear in court March 5 on the failure to appear charge and on March 19 on the other two charges, according to Richmond County Jail records.

In another Facebook post, Williams’ sister, Kaylee Sweet, wrote, ““Tyler was such a beautiful, sweet, easy going, genuine person. He was my best friend, truly. We shouldn’t have to know this pain, I hate what my sister has left me with. Sweet said she is “confused and angry.”

Sweet wrote, “I appreciate the kind words from everyone, unfortunately I don’t believe there is anything that can be done or said to help with this horrible, horrible tragedy.” She added, “I don’t think she can even comprehend what she’s done! This was a senseless act & even after finding him like that she tried convincing me that he was okay! I don’t know what comes next but I hope peace will be the answer.”


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