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What is Alexandra Jarvis’s real name? Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth, Fast Facts

Although viewers are accustomed to seeing Alexandra Jarvis by her last name, the show’s second season revealed that Rachel is really her first name. Since the OC O Group office has three other Alexandras, Alexandra, who usually goes by “Jarvis,” was well-known for being a duet member during ‘Selling the OC’ Season 1.

With Alexandra Harper joining the cast of ‘Selling the OC’, many fans were perplexed about how many Alexs and Alexandras were in Season 2. Things were a little simpler to handle because Jarvis and Rose usually worked together, and Alex Hall went by “Alex” rather than “Alexandra.” However, viewers were taken aback by a startling revelation made while on a cast vacation.

The audience and the other O Group agents were shocked to learn that Jarvis’s real name was Rachel when the cast of ‘Selling the OC’ Season 2 traveled to Cabo, and she was carrying her passport.

Alexandra Jarvis Ducoulombier was born and raised in Alabama (Instagram/thealexandrajarvis)
‘Selling the OC’ star Alexandra Jarvis’s legal name is Rachel (Instagram/thealexandrajarvis)

Why did ‘Selling the OC’s Alexandra Jarvis change her name?

Jarvis does not use her legal name, Rachel, and instead goes by Alexandra, which she did not explicitly state. While she may have used “Alexandra” as her name throughout her life, it is intriguing that she has not remarked that she has an entirely different first name.

Alexandra Jarvis’s full name may be Rachel Alexandra Jarvis, or she may have chosen to go by Alexandra as her preferred name. The reason behind her preference for Alexandra over Rachel is not explicitly stated, but it’s clear that she has made her choice known.

When Alex Hall explained how she discovered Alexandra’s secret, she mentioned how seeing Jarvis’ passport in ‘Selling the OC’ season 2 made her appear like a false person. Alex asked aloud why people can’t simply be themselves, and while Jarvis is most likely being real by going by Alexandra, it’s a valid point given that Jarvis does not use her official name. Alexandra is originally from Alabama, and she rarely speaks about her background in a serious way.

She’s likely embarrassed by her background, family, or the life she left behind in Alabama, which has prompted her to use a different name completely.

'Selling the OC' star Alexandra Jarvis is worth $4 million (Instagram/thealexandrajarvis)
‘Selling the OC’s Alexandra Jarvis uses her middle name (Instagram/@thealexandrajarvis)

Did ‘Selling the OC’s Alexandra Jarvis quit Oppenheim Group?

‘Selling the OC‘ star Alexandra has officially split from the Oppenheim Group. As per Jason Oppenheim, cofounder of Oppenheim Group, “I don’t want to speak for Jarvis, but… she decided to do what’s best for her, and I have a lot of respect for that,” he said to PEOPLE on April 24.  “We’re still on good terms.”

Earlier this month, The Daily Mail reported that Alexandra had left from the real estate company. The cast of ‘Selling the OC’, a Netflix offshoot of the reality series ‘Selling Sunset’, has undergone numerous changes in recent months.

Jason Oppenheim reveals that the Oppenheim Group has seen the last of 'Selling the OC's Alexandra Jarvis (Instagram/jasonoppenheim/thealexandrajarvis)
Jason Oppenheim reveals that the Oppenheim Group has seen the last of ‘Selling the OC’s Alexandra Jarvis (Instagram/@jasonoppenheim/@thealexandrajarvis)

What is ‘Selling the OC’ star Alexandra Jarvis’s net worth?

Alexandra, in addition to her role as a realtor for the company, is also a model and an attorney. Hailing from Alabama, she graduated with honors from the UC Irvine School of Law and currently practices at a litigation firm in Newport Beach.

Before attending law school, Alexandra earned a degree in Spanish and International Business from Auburn University. “As a practicing attorney, Alexandra gained unmatchable skills in client advocacy, negotiations, and problem-solving,” according to her website.

In her first year in the real estate sector, she generated USD 40 million in sales, and her net worth is believed to be over USD 4 million. In April 2023, she tied the knot with businessman Sergio Ducoulombier at the picturesque Villa del Balbianello, overlooking Lake Como, Italy. Alexandra donned a gown designed by famous designer Michael Costello just for the event.

'Selling the OC' star Alexandra Jarvis is worth $4 million (Instagram/thealexandrajarvis)
‘Selling the OC’ star Alexandra Jarvis is worth $4 million (Instagram/@thealexandrajarvis)

Season 3 of ‘Selling the OC’ will premiere with eight episodes on May 3 on Netflix.