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Russian actress and model Alexandra Djavi, who worked on the Indian film Kanchana 3, was found dead in her apartment in Goa, according to Indian media. According to media reports, Alexandra was found delivering into her rented apartment from her, where she lived with her boyfriend.

Police said the actress and model had a “mental disorder” and were on medication. Alexandra was in Goa on a tourist visa. Police are awaiting the autopsy report to determine the cause of death. Meanwhile, the police have indicated that Djavi may have committed suicide.

Alexandra Djavi Age

Alexandra Djavi was 24 years old.

Alexandra Djavi Cause of Death

Alexandra Djavi has reportedly been found dead in her rented apartment in Goa, India, in an alleged suicide. While local police suspect that the actor committed suicide, they await the official autopsy report to determine the cause of death.

The 24-year-old, who starred in the Tamil-language Indian film ‘Kanchana 3’, was discovered hanging in her rented apartment in Siolim village, Goa, India on Friday, August 20, 2021. Reports say that the police have started questioning her boyfriend as well.

The police have launched an investigation into the death of the actress, but they believe that she took her own life. They are awaiting permission from the Russian consulate before conducting an autopsy on her body.

According to a senior police official, she took a statement from her boyfriend. He was reportedly unconscious when she died. “When her boyfriend arrived at the house, she found the front door locked from the inside and there was no response from the deceased,” an official told the Indian publication The Times of India.

However, Vikram Varma, the Goan representative from the Russian consulate in Mumbai, urged the police to investigate a complaint the model had previously filed. According to the latest reports, in 2019, Djavi filed a sexual harassment complaint against a Chennai-based photographer, the defender said. “I was informed that the woman had been harassed and blackmailed by a person in Chennai,” Varma said, according to the latest report from the Indian news portal NDTV. Later, the model had alleged that a photographer from Chennai tried to blackmail her and sought sexual favors.

Varma said that the case (of the woman’s death) “may have other facets that are not clearly visible at this stage.” The Russian consulate was reportedly monitoring the case and would provide all necessary information and assistance to the Goa police, he added.

After a preliminary investigation, the Chennai police had found sufficient evidence to register a first information report and subsequently arrest him. Greater Chennai Police have reportedly said that they will assist Goa Police with any details from the 2019 report if necessary.

The profiles of the young model on social networks show how she was a rapper, actress, and model, better known as Ally Ri, the nickname with which she also appeared in music videos. The last video was ‘Relaxxx’ by Andy Rude. She had her headquarters in Goa, from where she gave 30.2K Instagram after a look at her travels, photoshoots, makeup, and other projects.

Her latest Instagram post from her is eerily noteworthy as she talks about the past and the future. “We all receive changes. Some people know how to use the changes for a better life, others just think about the past and cannot see the future,” she captioned the image. In another post, he had captioned the image: “I can’t get enough of life I’m not afraid of being better and I still don’t give up when anxiety hits hard 😊 Smile and don’t worry, life will always treat you better ☺️ ”


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