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Alexander Kraus is accepted as the brother of rapper Archie Eversole. The police report from the authority recommended that he killed the well-known rapper. The Atlanta rapper was gunned down at the Golf Vista Circle on March 25, 2022. He was taken to the clinical office and died of his injuries on April 3, 2022.

Eversole was known for his 2002 single “We Ready,” which had finally turned into a famous song of praise for Atlanta United football club. Moreover, a large number of his fans also remember him for his hit collection called “Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style”. then comes the report of his death.

Alexander Kraus Shot Rapper Archie Eversole Dead Alexander Kraus has been arrested for the murder of Archie Eversole on April 14, 2022. The official had found the rapper injured at the Chevron gas station on Snapfinger Woods Drive. He was just 37 years old.

According to the new news, Kraus has been taken to Dekalb County Jail. He was found in the area of ​​the shooting, near the house on Golf Vista Circle 4500 sq. Mugshots Released: Who Is Archie Eversole Brother Alexander Kraus? Alexander Kraus is accepted as the brother of rapper Archie Eversole.

Some could be mistaken for his character on the grounds that a person with a similar name killed his grandparents in the year 2021. Apparently the Kraus who killed Archie Eversole have a place with the African American nationality race.

Kraus was first charged with insane assault, at least he will face the charges of manslaughter after Eversole’s death in the emergency room bed A mugshot of him is delivered by the police station where he is seen with long hair and a blue shirt.

Reddit and Twitter Response After Rapper Archie Eversole’s Death Virtual entertainment customers have responded following the sad death of rapper Archie Eversole. Initially, Eversole’s family had confirmed his passing. While his family initially confirmed no reason for the death.

Atlanta United had blocked an announcement announcing their ‘disaster’ after Eversole’s death. The football club stated, “A staple of Atlanta’s hip-jump scene, Archie embraced Atlanta United before our inaugural season and remained one of our club’s most intense allies,”

“Despite his engineered melodic appeal, his voice will live long in the brains of our allies as ‘We Ready’ echoes through the loudspeakers to start at Atlanta United games. Our deepest feelings go out to his loved ones.”


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