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Aidan Ingalls shot himself after opening fire on the couple in a random attack, South Haven, Michigan, Police Chief Natalie Thompson said. Thompson said a bullet also hit a JetSki, but the JetSki pilot was not injured. Gunfire on a Lake Michigan pier sent revelers crossing flood barriers for cover Friday afternoon when the unexpected shooting ended with two men, including the gunman, dead and a woman seriously injured.

Aidan Ingalls Age

Aidan Ingalls is 19 years old.

Aidan Ingalls Cause of Death

WOOD said The two victims were a married couple, and the 19-year-old shooter had previously created a detailed plan to attack his high school in March 2018. Ingalls reportedly confessed his plans to attack Paw Paw High School to his parents in March 2018, telling them that he wanted revenge on his fellow students who had mercilessly harassed him. WOOD reported at the time. His parents took him to the sheriff’s department.

“I wanted to go. I knew she needed help, ”said her stepfather. “He walked straight into the lobby and said, ‘This is what I’ve been planning to do.’ He said, ‘This is where you can find everything.’ Ingalls pleaded guilty to multiple charges in June 2018 and was sentenced to hospital treatment.

The shooting on Friday took place around 2:15 p.m., police said. WOOD had a camera on the scene at the time, scanning the beach. Thompson said the shooting was random, with no evidence to show that the victims and Ingalls knew each other.

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“It’s rare in general to have random acts of violence and it’s very disturbing,” Thompson said. “Very unusual for our area.”

When police arrived, they found a victim dead, along with the shooter. Another victim was found and taken to the hospital in critical condition. Bronson Hospital confirms that they are treating at least one patient related to the shooting.

South Haven police say they have no motive for the shooting and suspect it may have been random. Police tell us that the hospitalized victim is the wife of the individual the shooter reportedly killed on the dock.

Paw Paw Public Schools Superintendent Rick Reo released a statement in response to the shooting, saying:

“We are saddened as a community to learn that this tragic incident took place in our own county. As authorities continue to investigate the details of this horrific crime, we have to trust them to do their job. Our hearts and prayers go out to them. victims and their families at this difficult time. “

If you have any information about or witnessed the shooting, please contact the South Haven Police Department at (269) 637-5151.


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