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Aeon Tocchini Wiki, Biography

Aeon Tocchini, a two-and-a-half-year-old boy, died after a redwood tree crushed his family’s home during a storm on Wednesday, January 4, in California. According to local reports, the family lived in a mobile home in Sonoma County, California. It has been reported that the huge tree landed on Aeon Tocchini while he was sitting in the living room. His parents, Dan and Aisha, were unharmed.

The deceased boy’s aunt, Liz Haskins, launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to cover his funeral expenses and help rebuild the Tocchini family. He originally aimed to raise an amount of $100,000, but has already raised over $130,000. Aeon Tocchini’s aunt described him as “kind” and “kind” on the fundraising page.

Aeon Tocchini, who died after a tree fell on his family’s home, was not breathing when authorities arrived.

On January 4, the Tocchini family faced their worst nightmare when their two-and-a-half-year-old baby boy, Aeon Tocchini, who was sitting on a couch in the trailer’s living room, was killed when a giant redwood tree fell on him during a strong storm. storm. When responding officers arrived at the scene of the incident, they found the boy’s father, Dan, who claimed that his son was not breathing.

Commenting on the sad passing of Aeon Tocchini, Occidental Volunteer Fire Department Chief Ron Lunardi said: “One of our major incidents that we had involved a redwood tree falling on a house…and we had a minor death, a baby, actually.”
Chief Lunardi further stated:

“He was covered in debris and said my son is not breathing. We’re in a rural area here, so my first thought was to get him in my truck and out onto the main road because he’s on a long dirt road.”

According to Lunardi, the rescue team immediately administered CPR to the boy while they waited for paramedics. However, despite the best efforts, he could not be saved. Lunardi spoke to CBS News and said it was difficult for officers to get to the scene by helicopter due to bad weather.

The Chief was one of the first people to arrive at the place. Lunardi further mentioned that in addition to the death of the little boy, the storm has caused significant damage to the surrounding areas. He added:

“This is up there with storms from 20 or 30 years ago with the trees down.” The GoFundMe

Fundraiser has raised money to provide financial relief to Aeon’s heartbroken family

The young victim’s distraught mother, Aisha, spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle and said her son was just playing and sitting on the couch when the tree fell.

She further said that she was returning from work when she saw the tree fall on her house, initially thinking that her husband was also dead. Shortly after that, she saw Dan walking out of the rubble. They made the 911 call around 5:14 p.m. m. local time on Wednesday.

To cover little Aeon Tocchini’s funeral expenses, her aunt Liz Haskins organized a GoFundMe fundraiser and wrote that he was known in the family as “Goldie.” The post said:

“Goldie loved to dance; the music touched her soul. She was kind, gentle, and had the most loving spirit. She loved the outdoors like her mom and her dad were her hero. His family adored him deeply and he instantly stole the hearts of those around him.”

The fundraiser was intended to raise an amount of $100,000, but people have already donated around $136,598. Aeon Tocchini was the youngest son of Dan and Aisha. They have two grown children, Eden and Danny.

The post further stated:

“My brother not only lost his precious child, but he also lost his home. Three redwoods fell on his house and his truck during the storm. His contributions will seed a new home, a new vehicle, and will go towards supporting a family as they grieve their youngest child.”

The victim’s family is reportedly in shock and disbelief. Aileen Tochhini, Aeon’s grandmother remembered her grandson and said:

“He was always loving and telling everyone how much he loved you. He always smiling, always happy, always dancing.

Liz Haskins also uploaded many photos of the deceased child. Donors expressed their condolences and wrote kind words for the bereaved family.