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Adult Dead, 5-Year-Old Child Wounded in Shooting at Children’s Football Game

A gunman opened fire Saturday morning at a Maryland high school, killing an adult and wounding a 5-year-old child. Prince George’s County Police Chief Malik Aziz said the shooting happened at about 11:20 a.m. in the bleachers during a series of football contests involving 7-year-olds.

“In between games, two individuals became involved in a verbal altercation,” Aziz said. “They appeared to know each other. It escalated into one person pulling out a weapon and shooting the other person.”

Aziz said the man who was shot and the 5-year-old were taken to local hospitals, where the man died. The child is expected to survive.

The suspect fled the scene. Police did not say if they had an idea of who he was or provide a description.