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Adam Wooley Wiki, Biography

Adam Wooley, a 33-year-old Colorado man, turned himself in Monday, January 2, after striking a woman in the northbound lanes of I-25 on January 1, 2023. He has been charged with hit and run involving involves death.

The victim, whose identity has not yet been released, was reportedly in a shared vehicle with his friends before the accident. According to Thornton police, Adam Wooley collided with the woman and continued driving. The police contacted the rideshare driver and he also cooperated with them. This incident is considered one of the most violent incidents to have occurred in Thornton in the past two weeks.

Colorado man Adam Wooley was arrested in a hit-and-run case on I-25

On Sunday, January 1, Thornton Police responded to an accident, which reportedly occurred at 12:35 AM. local time in the 15500 block of northbound I-25 in Thornton. The accident victim was already dead when responding officers arrived on scene.

After an investigation, law enforcement officials discovered that the woman was riding in a carpool with her friends. The victim reportedly became ill and the rideshare driver pulled over on the side of the road. The woman and her friends finished the trip and paid the driver.

Shortly after getting out of the rideshare vehicle, the woman allegedly walked onto the highway and was struck by a truck that Adam Wooley was driving. Wooley reportedly did not stop and continued driving, even after hitting the woman. A second car rammed the female again while she was lying on the road. However, the car stopped immediately. Addressing the incident, the Thornton Police Department said in a press release:

“When officers arrived, they discovered a deceased adult female lying in the road. The identity of the deceased is withheld and will only be released by the Adams County Coroner’s Office.”

Adam was driving a dark-colored pickup truck and did not stop after running over the woman
As part of the investigation, police contacted the rideshare driver who stopped the car. He also cooperated with the officials as much as possible. Adam Wooley, a Frederick resident, was later arrested on Monday, January 2, 2022. Police also reportedly seized his dark-colored van. Adam is facing one count of a hit and run charge involving death.

Law enforcement officials have stated that they will release the victim’s identity once next of kin are notified. They have also mentioned that the hit and run case was one of the most violent in the last two weeks.

Thornton Police Officer Jesus Mendez told the Denver Post: “The rideshare driver is not likely to face criminal charges.”

Mendez added,

“I know that this is not the cause of the accident. It’s not like a vehicle went off the road and hit them. This person went out on the road and was hit.” It is unclear if Adam Wooley has legal representation or if he has pleaded guilty.