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Abby Zwerner Wiki, Biography

Abby Zwerner, a teacher at Richneck Elementary School in the city of Newport News, was seriously injured after being shot by a 6-year-old student. While the incident left the community in shock, Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew confirmed that the shooting was not accidental and took place after an alleged altercation between the student and the educator:

“We didn’t have a situation where someone was hanging around because of the school shooting. We have a situation in a particular location where a shot was fired.” The teacher, who initially remained anonymous, was immediately taken to a local hospital. She was later identified by local media as Abby Zwerner.

Chief Drew initially shared that she remained anonymous and that her life was considered to be in danger, ”but assured that she was being monitored by health professionals and that “there was some improvement” in her condition in the end. pm. Mayor Phillip Jones later confirmed to the BBC that Zwerner’s recovery “was trending positively”. However, he said she remained in “critical condition”.

Authorities did not confirm the type of weapon used in the shooting, but did mention that it was a pistol. Details about how the boy obtained the gun have not yet been made available to the public.

The 6-year-old boy was taken into custody immediately after the shooting and taken into custody. Drew noted: “He is now in police custody. We have been in contact with our Commonwealth attorney and a few other entities to help us better serve this young man.”

No one other than teacher Abby Zwerner was injured in the shooting incident. The students were reportedly taken off campus to the school gym and declared “safe” before being reunited with their parents.

Chief Drew shared that officers put in place a specific system for sending children to their parents by dividing them up based on their grade level:

“An officer and a school official accompany the student with her parents, so it’s a good happy reunion, a little bit of excitement, but everything right now is safe.” He also mentioned that there were “a lot of counselors” available to help students with the traumatic event.

What is known about Abby Zwerner?

The Richneck Elementary School educator who was seriously injured after being shot by a 6-year-old student has been identified as Abby Zwerner. She is a first grade teacher at the institution.

According to local news, Zwerner is 25 years old and a student at James Madison University (JMU). She is from Williamsburg, Virginia. Following the incident, JMU President Jonathan Alger issued an official statement wishing Zwerner’s recovery:

“All of us at James Madison University are deeply saddened by the reported tragic shooting of JMU alumnus Abby Zwerner. We offer prayers and best wishes for Abby’s health and recovery and want to do everything we can to support Abby, her family and friends of hers, fellow teachers and current students, and her families during this incredibly difficult time.”

Twitter user Angelina Clapp, who has been friends with Zwerner since her college days, said that she is an “incredible, sweet person” who didn’t deserve to go through such a situation.

Meanwhile, Steve Gonzalez, a parent whose son was present in Zwerner’s classroom at the time of the shooting, told Fox News that the latter acted “selflessly” during the incident and later yelled at other children to “run away.” “. of getting shot.

According to WAVY, Zwerner was shot in the chest and remained under treatment at Riverside Regional Medical Center.