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Aaron Brown reportedly arrived at the pop star’s home around 2 a.m. Friday and demanded to see the 28-year-old singer, according to TMZ. When security ignored him, he brandished a knife, prompting them to call LAPD.

A man was arrested outside singer Ariana Grande’s home in the Hollywood Hills after he reportedly pulled a knife to safety from her last week. He faces a felony wielding charge for the incident. It’s unclear if Grande was home during her security team’s meeting with Brown. The star has since obtained a temporary restraining order against Brown, according to sources.

Aaron Brown Age

Aaron Brown is 23 years old.

Aaron Brown Knife-wielding man arrested

A judge will determine if the order needs to be extended at a future hearing. Last May, Grande and her mother Joan received five-year restraining orders against a stalker named Fidel Henríquez. Police arrested him after he sneaked past his security to leave a love note on his door.

Henríquez was booked for the misdemeanor of trespassing and serious assault, after allegedly spitting at the officers who arrested him. Grande has been keeping a low profile lately, opting to skip Monday’s Met Gala and Sunday’s VMAs.

But the 7-ring singer will be busier than ever after it was announced in March that she would be joining The Voice as a coach for season 21. Ariana previously appeared on the show in May 2016 during the season 10 finale when acted in Into. You and then-coach Christina Aguilera, 40, formed a Dangerous Woman duo.

She also performed during The Voice season 11 finale in December 2016 when she teamed up with 71-year-old Stevie Wonder for her collaboration Faith. The pop star will replace Nick Jonas, 28, who was a coach in season 20. Ariana recently married realtor Dalton Gomez in May at her home in Montecito, California.

Grande married real estate agent Dalton Gomez in May at her home in Montecito, California. However, it has not yet been determined if Grande was home when the incident occurred. Los Angeles police, who were summoned to the scene, arrested the stalker. Grande has received a temporary restraining order against the defendants. Any possible extension of the order will be determined by a judge at an upcoming hearing. This is not the first time that Grande has been threatened.

Last year in May, the singer obtained a restraining order against an obsessive fan who was arrested on her property two months earlier. This restraining order is active for the next five years and was signed by the judge to include Ariana and her mother Joan hers. According to the order, the obsessive fan, Fidel Henríquez, cannot get within 100 yards of Joan’s house, her vehicles, Joan herself and, of course, the ‘Thank you, Next’ singer.

Possibly schizophrenic, Mark McLeod stalked Miley Cyrus and said that he was “watching everything she does.” He said the star sent him secret messages through television. McLeod was eventually arrested in Georgia when he tried to stalk her on the set of her movie. He was released the following day because the jail was reportedly overcrowded.

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